Rica Etched Foil has gained extensive experience in producing wire-heaters specifically designed for drum heating.

In these flexible heaters, the heating element is a conductive wire (with proper resistivity), sandwiched between two fiberglass-reinforced silicone layers.

Key characteristics:

  • –  Large surfaces can be heated (>2 m-long heaters can be easily produced).
  • –  Suitable for curved surfaces, thanks to its resistance to bending stress (higher than the one of standard etched foil product). Sharp bending must anyway be avoided.
  • –  Possibility to manage a wide range of power and to set precisely the temperature, by using a thermostat (typically a bimetallic adjustable one).
  • –  Maximum working temperature: 200°C
  • –  Ideal for any kind of barrels (made of steel, of plastic or of composite).
  • –  No adhesive. Quick to mount and dismount.
  • –  After using, the heater can be rolled up, saving storage place

Heating up in winter season

The drum heaters can be used to heat a wide variety of products such as oils, waxes, paints, paraffin’s, fats, adhesives, chocolate, honey, etc.

Key aims:

  • –  Keeping products stored in drums warm.
  • –  Melting or pre-heating of process raw materials.
  • –  Control of viscosity.
  • –  Anti-freezing.
  • –  Increment of solubility of substances in a liquid.

Thanks to its flexibility, the adhesion between the heater and the drum is optimal.

No adhesive is required: the heater can be easily fixed by means of hooks and springs (supplied with it).

The heater ensures a uniform heating when it is placed under the liquid level.

For a quicker heating up, two ore more drum- heaters can be simultaneously applied to the barrel.


Rica produces three standard heaters, which are promptly available.
Different heaters can be produced, according to the Customer’s requirements.