We are able to offer bespoke Etch foil heaters manufactured to your exact requirements with Silicone Rubber, Mica, Kapton and Polyester substrates giving endless possibilities in design.

The basic principal is to etch tracks onto the substrate of your choice, this gives you the flexibility to vary the amount of power in any given area.

The applications for this type of heater are very diverse from Aerospace (Satellites, Space stations, planes etc) through to Electro-medical applications (and even domestic panel radiators and waterbed heaters)

This system is used to warm waterbed mattress choosing different temperature level

Model: Lb1, Dream Foil and Irca (WB2002, WB2005)

– Ultra slim designs, 0,3 mm
– Double insulated, earthed and overheating protection
– Very low electromagnetic fields (EMF)
– Wide range of thermostats, both analogical (LB/LB2,Irca) and digital(ANA)
– Lb1, Dream Foil and Irca WB2005 have 100% compatability to LB/LB2 and ANA – Thermostats are all detachable
– Energy saving propotional to heating
– Wide electronical temperature control: 22-38oC (Irca 26-32oC)
– 230V System, 50 HZ, : Lb1 275W, Dream Foil 225W and Irca 300W, all IPX7