Tubular Heating Elements

Bakery Heating

Carlton Technologies are proud to offer RICA heating element products. Rica Industrial division manufacture heaters for the industrial sector including single and 3 phase immersion heaters, Heater batteries, Spiral finned heaters for Air curtains and Air handling units, In line process flow heaters for oil water and gas and with exotic sheaths such as seamless Titanium and Incoloy and Rectangular finned heaters for air blowers and air heating systems. RICA manufacture Industrial heating systems for all industry and Leisure including swimming pools, Spa Baths, Heat pumps, Wind turbines, Factory process heating etc


  • Food Service Equipment
  • Bakery & Confectionery
  • Cafeteria, Snack & Vending
  • Laundry-Floor Washers
  • Healthcare Products
  • Chemical, Energy & Photograhic
  • Transport
  • Textile Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Packaging & Wood Machinery
  • Telecommunications

Technical Specifications

  • High reliability at higher temperatures
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Can be ‘finned’ (providing extended surface areas enabling quicker heat exchange for the same diameter of resistance)
  • Large range of power, tension, shape, and dimensions.
  • Junction boxes and connections also in waterproof and explosion-proof execution
  • Can be used for regulation and safety devices, electronic or electromechanical
  • Easy installation guaranteed by a large range of fixing systems

Sheath material suitable with the application:

AISI 304,316,321,309
INCOLOY 800,825

Standard customised flanges:

Plugs Plugs 1-1¼” – 1-1½” – 2-2¼” – 2-2½”
Connectors ISO – GAS

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