PTC Elements

PTC Elements

Technical Specifications

Nominal Powers75-1200w
Supply Voltage230v & 110v
Self-regulating for vertical and horizontal use
IP RatingIPX4
Fitting½” BSP standard thread
CE approved

Product Description

Carlton Technologies stock a wide range of PTC towel rail elements.

PTC stand for Positive Temperature Coefficient. This basically means that unlike the standard heating element these heaters self-regulate their temperature along their complete length and are not controlled by a single reading at the point of the thermostat.

This is important for our customers as the PTC element can be used both horizontally and vertically, therefore making the PTC towel rail element perfect for both traditional ladder style towel rails and designer towel rails alike.

Unlike traditional heating elements that use a resistance wire, PTC heating elements are made as ceramic stones.  These ceramic stones are manufactured to heat up a defined temperature and then maintain that temperature by reducing the power.

Initially the element will use 300 watts of power until the rail reaches its’ designed operating temperature of 65°C after which it will reduce the electrical current whilst maintaining the rail temperature.

As a result, a separate thermostatic control unit is not required, and the heating element uses significantly less electricity than a conventional heating element.

Benefits of PTC heating elements

  • No thermostat required
  • Maximum temperature cannot be exceeded by PTC elements
  • Any working position: the absence of thermostats permits either horizontal or vertical orientation of the heater during operation.
  • Smaller diameter than in traditional heaters – provides a wider installation capability
  • Very fast warm up phase followed by constant temperature thereafter
  • Lower running costs than conventional resistance wire heaters