Rica’s SBU Etched foil has developed a new series of flexible heaters, based on carbon thread.

The core of this technology is a specific carbon thread, with superior mechanical properties and different values of electric resistivity, which make possible to adapt this technology to a wide range of products.

The second key-element is the support: the carbon thread can be fixed on a bendable foil and covered then with Silicone, PVC or other plastic materials. It is possible also to use it as core of heating cables.

Thanks to its characteristics, this technology can be profitably used:

  • –  When a highly flexible product is required (very small bending radium).
  • –  If the product is subjected to cyclical mechanical stresses, perpendicular to the surface (e.g.: seats, motorbike seats, beds, etc).

Heating element for snow-motorbikes

“Mask” for Visage treatments

At the moment, Rica’s carbon thread products cover a number of applications:

  • –  Aesthetical products:
    • Fit & slimming products
    • Visage treatments
  • –  Automotive & transports:
    • Heated seats for snow-motorbikes
    • Cars comfort
    • F1 tyres-heaters
  • –  Health:
    • First aid heating pads
    • Examination couches and beds for massages


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