• Made up of a spiral in NiCr 80/20 or FeCrAl alloy inserted in steatite modular elements, while the outer casing is made of sheet Alusi or, upon request, stainless steel.
  • Thanks to the thermal transmission mode by irradiation, ceramic bands are the optimal heating solution for high power installations and can reach up to 450° C measured temperature on ceramic/ cylinder contact surfaces.

      The glass fibre insulation that wraps the ceramic mat has the dual function of limiting the temperature of the outer casing, and conveying the flow of heat to the surface to be heated.


  • Consisting of an NiCr plate wrapped and insulated from appropriate supports in mica.
  • The outer casing, usually made of sheet Alusi, is also made of stainless steel on request.

Compared to ceramic band heaters, those with mica insulation work by conduction, maximising their efficiency and reliability at temperatures up to 350° C, measured on mica/cylinder contact surfaces and with specific loads up to 4W/cm².